Westminster Whimsy FUNdraiser Program
A FRESH, NEW, and EXCITING program! Offer items priced to sell to
a varied range of consumers, selling Westminster Whimsy hand
blended herb dip mixes and artisan crafted, hand painted
earthenware accessories. All of our items are created and produced
in New England.
We offer 25 herb blend mixes, packaged with preparation
instructions and recipe suggestions printed on the back of each
packet. Our hand painted bowl sets are very popular sellers and
there are many designs to choose from. We would be happy to work
with you to customize your program for your clientele.

As the FUNdraising sponsor you will receive 50% of the sales!!
We will provide a color sales order form for each participant.
Orders will be "bulk" packaged with the bowls labeled and in
bubble bags, the dips for the bowls in a box, the theme packs in
a box and the individually ordered dips in another box; we will
furnish you with an appropriate amount of bags to package the
If you wish us to package for you, a surcharge of 5% of the
retail sales will be added to your payment. Payment is sent
when the orders are placed.
Delivery lead time is six weeks after the order is placed.   
Arrangements for delivery will be discussed.

For further information, to book a program or for questions you may have
about our program, please fill out the form below.
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