Westminster Whimsy Gourmet Herb
Our original 18  dips are salt free, sugar free and have no preservatives (except for our bacon dip). In addition, our
dips can be used for bagel spreads, salad dressings, in bread machines and the blends are tasty culinary additions!
Be sure to check out our recipe pages for ideas and hints for using our mixes in your favorite recipes.
Our packages contain 1/2 ounce (3 TBS) and are $2.00 each plus s/h  5 package minimum order
Bacon Dip                                                           $2.00
One of our most popular dips. Tasty bacon flavor
with a touch of horseradish. Great as a bagel or
cracker spread. This dip does contain a minute
hint of salt due to the bacon content.
French Chives Dip                                             $2.00
Chives blended with other subtle herbs give this
dip an elegant flavor. Works well made into a
salad dressing!
Garlic Dip                                                       $2.00
Herb Dip                                                              $2.00
A classic blend of herbs - perfect as a dip or
to use as a staple in your kitchen. Use for
soups, stews, rice or as a stuffing seasoning.
Onion Garlic Dip                                          $2.00
Can't decide if you want onion dip or garlic
dip? Have both in this yummy blend of the
two! This mix doubles for salad dressing,
dry rub for beef roasts and you will love it
as a coating for oven roasted potatoes.
Tired of the same old onion dips? This is
onion with a cayenne kick!! This is for those
who like some heat.
Spinach and Mushroom Dip                     $2.00
The perfect dip for a luncheon, tasty but not
overpowering. A big favorite at craft fairs,
the samples always get gobbled up! Mix
into cooked pasta with a little mayonnaise
for a fantastic pasta salad.
Sun Dried Tomato Dip                                 $2.00
sauce for a real treat.sauce for a real treat.
Black Pepper Parmesan                           $2.00
Looking for something different? This dip is
tasty but not too peppery and makes a
wonderful dry rub for grilling steaks.
A classic for parties, everyone loves our dill
dip. For fantastic fish just sprinkle a bit of
this mix over fish before broiling.
For horseradish lovers everywhere, this
flavor is kicky and fun. Perfect as a dip with
veggies or mix it with mayonnaise for a
great sandwich topper or pasta salad.
Veggie Dip                                                     $2.00
This dip is just plain yummy!! Try serving it
with a platter of sliced celery, mushrooms,
peppers and broccoli. Always a hit at
parties and it is great with chips too.
Wasabi Dip                                                    $2.00
Wasabi is not just for sushi anymore!! This
dip will have everyone begging for more. A
little heat with a fast fade, it is also great as
a marinade.
Zesty Ranch Dip                                          $2.00
A new twist on an old classic. Our dip mix
has all the flavor and not of the fat of
buttermilk rich ranches. Perfect as a dip or
mix it up as a salad dressing.
Red Onion Dip                                             $2.00
of other onion dip mixes. Make it with fat
Some like it hot and this dip has got it!  
Spicy with a scorching after kick.  This dip
is perfect for anyone fond of spicy foods.
Use less for a milder treat, more to really
turn up the heat. Want great tacos without
the salt of store bought mixes? Add a
tablespoon   of our mix into a pound of
ground beef or turkey and enjoy!
Special Edition Dips
Asian Sesame Dip                                     $2.00
This dip is a blend of all the best flavors and
spices you find in cooking styles from all
over Asia. Great for dipping vegetables, try
it blended with silken tofu instead of sour
5X Chili Mix                                                  $2.00
This is the traditional chili blend everyone
has been asking for. Its got some kick and
you can adjust the heat by using more or
Curry Dip                                                      $2.00
Ours is a rich traditional blend of spices.
Try it with vegetables or throw some into
the pot when you are making rice.
Spicy Mustard Dip                                     $2.00
Thai Dip                                                         $2.00
This dip is a taste of the far east. If you love
Pad Thai, this one is for you.
Vegetable Leek Dip                                  $2.00
Who says mild has to be boring? This dip is
a complex taste treat.
Special Edition Theme Pack               $10.00
All six of our Special Edition flavors
together in a clear bag tied with a bow and
a mini whisk. It is a great way to try the new
flavors and makes a great little gift!